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The Weather Forecast Research Team

Exceptional people.   Novel ideas.   Bold vision.

Previous WFRT Member-of-the-Season Award Winners

Reagan McKinney - Spring 2022
Recognized her hard work and dedication to our fieldwork and instrumentation projects; her public outreach initiatives; being supportive and welcoming to new team members; her outstanding contributions to the team in general.

Eva Gnegy - Winter 2022
Recognized for the volume of impressive and efficient work she has completed in her first year, in particular for the verification project; being supportive and helping other team members; helping to organize social activities

Timothy Chui - Fall 2021
Recognized for his extensive time and effort onboarding new students; spending extra time helping the whole team attain their goals; his teaching achievements

Rosie Howard - Summer 2021
Recognized for her hard work, leadership and dedication to the WFRT

Rachel Steinhart - Spring 2021
Recognized for taking on the seminar leader role; being open minded and positive; being active in the department; the achievement of finishing all her courses

Henryk Modzelewski - Winter 2021
Recognized for dedicating extraordinary time and effort to helping with data recovery, benefitting many team members

Julia Jeworrek - Winter 2021
Recognized for being knowledgeable, kind, supportive, and always willing to help, as well as for handling so many tasks outside of her own research

Anthony Di Stefano - Fall 2020
Recognized for organization and excellence running our seminars; supporting our operational products very willingly and effectively; his general helpfulness, friendliness, and support of team members

Marjolein Ribberink - Summer 2020
Recognized for great work on her summer project; working tremendously hard, and producing wonderful results especially given current circumstances

Tobias Schmidt - Summer 2020
Recognized for his productivity and accomplishments; delivering an entire improved smoke forecasting system; coordinating and integrating his development work with US AirFire; applying much-welcome software engineering practices

Eve Wicksteed - Spring 2020
Recognized for being an active team member; helping individuals with their projects; the volume and quality of work she produces; her general kindness and thoughtfulness

Roland Schigas - Spring 2020
Recognized for doing a lot behind the scenes across many areas to keep the workplace up and running, with the transition to working remotely; generally being helpful, and going above and beyond what is expected from him

Chris Rodell - Winter 2020
Recognized for his involvement, dedication, and enthusiasm with his own research and fieldwork, TAing, weather briefings, and for generally being helpful to other people in the group

Timothy Chui - Fall 2019
Recognized for always being available, willing, and enthusiastic in helping others solve problems, both technical and scientific; helping to keep our operations running smoothly and working to improve them; being welcoming and supportive to new students