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“Yours continued to be the most accurate of all the forecasts that we got.”

– Rod MacLeod, Alpine Sports Operations Manager, Whistler Mountain

“Right on!!! Thanks so much! We use these [smoke forecast KMZ files] daily during the summer. Very important resource for us.”

– Patrick, Emergency Response Coordinator, Northern Inter-Tribal Health Authority, Saskatchewan

“Information has been great! I have used the morning report every day as a guide and have forwarded this to our staff which really helps in making a whole lot of different decisions from athletic to logistic.”

– James Perks, Alpine Canada

“The UBC Weather Forecast Research Team is a key partner for BC Hydro. Over the years they have built and operated weather forecast products that are reliable, innovative, cost-effective, and state of the art. Their products are customized to our unique needs, and they’re very responsive to new requests. We rely on their products daily in our operations planning.”

– BC Hydro

“Your forecasts were critical to the planning of the work for the race hill. It was a real treat to be able to initiate planning around a weather forecast that was on the mark virtually every time. I think you took the worry out of ‘what if the weather does this’ scenario that has been the history of races on Whistler.”

– Bill McNeney, Alpine Canada