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Jeworrek, Julia (PhD) - 2023
Improving precipitation forecasts over complex terrain using numerical weather prediction and analog ensemble methods

Kadel, Abhinab (MSc) - 2022
Verification of a Global Streamflow Forecast for the Purpose of Run-of-River Hydropower Operation in Nepal

Steinhart, Rachel (MSc) - 2022
On running a numerical weather prediction model from an ensemble mean initial and boundary condition

Sha, Yingkai (PhD) - 2021
Post-processing precipitation forecasts in British Columbia using deep learning methods

Wicksteed, Evelyn Julia (MSc) - 2021
Short term electric load forecasting for British Columbia, Canada - An exploration of the use of numerical weather prediction data as a predictor in an artificial neural network

Schmidt, Tobias (BSc honors thesis) - 2021
Detection and Segmentation of Ship Exhaust Tracks off the Californian Coast

Moisseeva, Nadejda (PhD) - 2020
A Numerical Perspective on Wildfire Plume-rise Dynamics

Ivo Odon, Pedro (PhD) - 2019
Analysis and Forecasting of Extreme Temperature and Precipitation Across the Complex Terrain of British Columbia

Campbell, Margaret (MSc) - 2018
Numerical Weather Prediction for Electrical Transmission Lines

Siuta, David (PhD) - 2017
Improving Hub-height Wind Forecasts in Complex Terrain

Bolouri Afshar, Banafsheh (MSc) - 2016
Wind Power Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Networks with Numerical Prediction – A Case Study for Mountainous Canada

Chui, Timothy Chun-Yiu (BSc honors thesis) - 2016
On the use of multiple planetary boundary layer parameterization schemes forecasting temperature and precipitation in complex terrain

Read, Wolf Anthony (PhD) - 2015
The climatology and meteorology of windstorms that affect southwest British Columbia, Canada, and associated tree-related damage to the power distribution grid

Wong, May Wai San (PhD) - 2014
A fully-compressible nonhydrostatic cell-integrated semi-Lagrangian atmospheric solver with conservative and consistent transport

Mason, Jesse Cheyenne (MSc) - 2014
On Improving Wind-turbine Hub-height Wind-speed Forecasts

Bourdin, Dominique R. (PhD) - 2013
A Probabilistic Inflow Forecasting System for Operation of Hydroelectric Reservoirs in Complex Terrain

Howard, Rosemary (PhD) - 2012
Ski Piste Heat Budget: A Case Study at the Whistler Ski Resort, British Columbia, Canada

Bakhshaii Shahrbabaki, Atoossa (PhD) - 2012
Exploration of the Potential for Gene Expression Programming to Solve some Problems in Meteorology and Renewable Energy

Nipen, Thomas N. (PhD) - 2012
A component-based probabilistic weather forecasting system for operational usage

Farris, Selena (ATSC co-op Masters final essay) - 2011
Bear Mountain Wind Speed and Wind Power Forecasting Pilot Study

Douglas McCollor (PhD) - 2008
Improving Hydrometeorologic Numerical Weather Prediction Forecast Value via Bias Correction and Ensemble Analysis

Johansson, Sara (MSc) - 2006
Adding the Weather Research and Forecast model (WRF) as a Models-3 Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) modelling system driver, and analysing the forecasted ozone and nitrogen dioxide concentrations during a four-day period in May 2006.

Delle Monache, Luca (PhD) - 2005
Ensemble-averaged, probabilistic, and Kalman-filtered regional ozone forecasts

Deng, Xingxiu (PhD) - 2005
Assimilation of Surface Weather Observations in Complex Terrain

Spagnol, Giancarlo (John) (PhD) - 2005
Rocketsonde Buoy System: Observing System Simulation Experiments

Sun, Haizhen (MSc) - 2005
Numerical simulation of canopy flow and carbon dioxide flux at the west coast flux station

Huang, Li (MSc Essay) - 2005
Review on the Use of Singular Vectors to Study Error Growth in Numerical Weather Prediction Models

Modzelewski, Henryk (PhD) - 2004
Investigation into nonlocal turbulence-closure at higher statistical order

Readyhough, Catherine Ene (MASc) - 2003
Design of a Rocketsonde Buoy System for Collecting Weather Sounding Data

Berg, Larry Keith (PhD) - 2002
A simple parameterization coupling the convective daytime boundary layer and fair-weather cumuli

Hacker, Joshua P. (PhD) - 2001
Numerical weather prediction error over the North Pacific and western North America : an investigation with short-range ensemble techniques

Roeger, Claudia (MSc) - 2001
Verification of Numerical Weather Prediction and Avalanche Forecasting

Santoso, Edi (PhD) - 1999
Surface fluxes and vertical profiles in the radix layer

Hacker, Joshua P. (MSc) - 1997
An empirical ensemble mesoscale forecasting system

Berg, Larry Keith (MSc) - 1996
A simple parameterization to predict population characteristics of boundary-layer cumulus clouds